CS Executive Test Series

CS Executive Test Series

Professional Test Series is leading provider of test series for CS Executive aspirants. Our test series includes Chapter wise Test, Unit Test & Mock Test which are designed to help you prepare thoroughly for the exam.

We understand that CS Executive is a crucial examination and requires rigorous preparation. Hence, our test papers are conducted to ICSI Pattern, which gives you a realistic experience of the actual exam. You can rest assured that our test series covers all the important topics and concepts that are essential for the CS Executive exam.

We also provide detailed evaluation within 48 hours of your test attempt. This feature helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to focus on your weak areas and improve your overall performance.

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Paper No.

Group 1

Paper No.

Group 2


Jurisprudence,Interpretation & General Laws (100 Marks)


Capital Market & Securities Laws Part I – Capital Market (40 Marks)

Part II – Securities Laws (60 Marks)


Company Law & Practice

Part I – Company Law – Principles and Concepts

(60 Marks)

Part II – Company Administration & Meetings

(40 Marks)


Economic, Commercial and Intellectual Property Laws

Part I – Economic & Commercial Laws (60 Marks)

Part II – Intellectual Property Laws (40 Marks)


Setting Up of Business, Industrial & Labour Laws

Part I – Setting Up of Business (60 Marks)

Part II – Industrial & Labour Laws (40 Marks)


Tax Laws & Practice

Part I - Direct Tax (60 Marks) Part II - Indirect Tax (40 Marks)


Corporate Accounting and Financial Management

Part I – Corporate Accounting (60 Marks)

Part II – Financial Management

(40 Marks)

Mode of Examination : Combination of both 20% case based objective type questions and 80% descriptive questions at all papers at Executive Programme except Paper No. 4 i.e. Corporate Accounting and Financial Management which is 100% descriptive.

Duration : 3 Hours (each paper)

Marks : 100 Marks (each paper)

Applicability of latest updates on Examination

The candidates are expected to keep track of and have intelligent grasp of the latest developments in the relevant areas that have taken place upto 31st May of that calendar year for December session andupto 30 November of previous Calender Year for June Session.

Pre-Examination Requirements

Students registered under Executive under ICSI Syllabus 2022 shall have to successfully complete a Pre-Examination Test to become eligible to enroll and appear in the Executive and Examinations.

Effective Date of ICSI Syllabus 2022 for CSEET, Executive Programme and Professional Programme

Start date of Registration under ICSI Syllabus 2022: February 01, 2023 First Examination underICSI Syllabus 2022: December, 2023

Scheme of Paper wise Exemption

For Switchover from Old Syllabus (2017) to New Syllabus (2022)

The scheme of paper-wise exemption to switch over from old syllabus i.e. 2017 to New Syllabus

i.e. 2022 syllabus is placed below:


Existing Syllabus (2017)

Paper-wise Exemption under New Syllabus (2022)



Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws

Group 1, Paper 1 - Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws


Company Law

Group 1, Paper 2 - Company Law & Practice


Setting up of Business Entities and Closure

Group 1, Paper 3 - Setting up of Business, Industrial & Labour Laws


Tax Laws

Group 2, Paper 7 - Tax Laws & Practice



Corporate and Management Accounting

Group 1, Paper 4 - Corporate Accounting and Financial Management


Securities Laws & Capital Markets

Group 2, Paper 5 - Capital Market & Securities Laws


Economic, Business and

Commercial Laws

Group 2, Paper 6 - Economic, Commercial and Intellectual Property Laws


Financial and Strategic


Group 1, Paper 4 - Corporate Accounting and Financial Management

Last attempt for appearing under ICSI Syllabus 2017

Executive Programme – June, 2024 Examination